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Elementary/Junior High Programs

The Calgary Board of Education welcomes international students from around the world into excellent educational programs and schools. Elementary (Grades 1-6) and junior high (Grades 7-9) are 10 months in duration from September to June. Please note that applications will be accepted throughout the school year (up until March) but placement will not be guaranteed after September.

Students enrolled in elementary school (aged 12 and under), must have a parent living in Calgary for the entire duration of their studies or live with someone who has been verified to be an immediate family member. Note: that if a parent is living with their child in Calgary, the child is not required to have a custodian.

Students enrolled in junior high school do not need to live with a parent but must make their own living and custodianship arrangements until the age of 15 when they are eligible to participate in the CBE Homestay program.

All international students are encouraged to join extracurricular activities including clubs or sports teams.